Why all the delays to releasing Watchmon4?

Good news the circuit boards have been ready since late January. However there have been 2 missing pieces to the puzzle:

1. more hands on-deck to give support (now in motion)
2. updates via secure remote access (not ready)

For the last 5 weeks we have been trying to resolve the ambitious objective of also providing remote access with this initial release. This objective is just not ready. Whilst trying to rectify the remote access/update we took the opportunity to prepare the enclosure which I think everyone has been happy with the outcome.

Rather than delaying any further we have taken the decision to remove the remote update/access and adopt the familiar USB patch process (same as Watchmon1). Impending customers will be happy to get started with your new starter kits.

When the remaining functionality is in place and ready to enable secure remote access/updates we will prepare the patch. The functionality will be rolled out disabled and can be enabled by those interested at a later date.

Most importantly we will continue to offer the product with a secure environment where you can only update via physical access to the USB port.
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