GenMon 2W - BMS cell monitor unit

GenMon 2W - BMS cell monitor unit

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Intelligent battery monitor systems used to maintain lithium batteries

  • Battery range 2.2V to 5.4V.
  • Bypass current 0.00A to 0.55A (typically 0.25A).
  • Over-temperature protection.
  • Over-voltage protection up to ±20V.
  • Noise immune opto-isolated.
  • Cell temperature and bypass load temperature measurements.
  • Live individual cell parameters and remote cell diagnostics.
  • Sealed in black thermally conductive epoxy (robust and safe).
  • Red and green LEDs for diagnostics and status.
  • All parameters fully remotely programmable and software is remote upgrade-able.

Modules are attached to mounting kits and not sold separately.

Example attached to a RC4S mounting kit

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