MultiMon (MM8)

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Made to order (Minimum of 2 with 12-week lead-time):  Email to request. 

MultiMon is a satellite cell monitoring module that can be used in conjunction with the WatchMonPlus (WM5) supervisor.

Has been superseded by CellMate-K9 which can expand an existing system with the addition of a WatchMonCore supervisor. This can then be configured into satellite CANbus mode. Alternatively, the WatchMonPlus (WM5) supervisor can be configured into satellite mode.

Are you ready to expand your battery pack?

Wanting to connect a new bank in parallel multi-string, or adopt a higher voltage battery pack configuration. 

MultiMon (MM8) allows your original WatchMonPlus (WM5) to continue to support your larger capacity pack.  When one is just not enough. 

What chemistry will this work on?

Parameters can be set in the software for the typical Lithium chemistry types (LTO, LCM, LFP). The system can monitor cell voltages from 0.500 - 5.500 V on each bank which can handle from 10 up to 15 cells in series.

Can this work on a 20kW battery pack? 

Yes, it will take some time to first equalise but when you compare our product to many others, it handles much higher balancing adjustments  (6Ah/day capability).  You can monitor up to 250 cells in series which is 15 Multi-Mons linked to one WatchMonPlus WM5 supervisor.

Our WatchMonPlus series including MultiMon has a 50x50x25mm heatsink to handle extended balancing time when you need it to run several cells in series for hours or days.  When you are looking at other alternatives, always remember, no matter what anyone says… size does matter.

Simpler installation

Plugin the cell balancing wires and temperature sensors; next connect the CANbus communication with accessory power and you are done.  Go into the software, tell it your configuration and the MM8 will follow your parameters.

Power Input

MultiMon runs on 12V, not 48v requiring a 48V-12V DC-DC or external 12V supply.

MultiMon (MM8) will only consume power from the battery when instructed to ‘balance’ by the WatchMonPlus (WM5) Supervisor.  At all other times this product consumes no power from its attached battery.

Inside the box:
  • 1 x MultiMon MM8
  • 1 x Din-rail holder
  • 3 x Temperature sensors

NOTE:  WatchMonPlus is not included.

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