IsoMon: Isolated Monitor Interface Bridge (Gen1)

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Device provides an opto-isolated interface to the LongMon or BlockMon battery network. It is a compact interface that also provides data filtering beyond the requirements for even the highest electrically noisy installations. It is robustly packaged in insulation with an earth strap at the battery pack that keeps catastrophic fault currents local for minimal damage. IsoMon uses a convenient “USB” cable  interface connecting to PacMon or SiMon. Note that the signals are not actually USB (Use UMon to convert  Batrium signals to USB).


  • Up to 1000 volts isolation.
  • Provides chassis ground point.
  • Blocks RF noise from BMS communication network.
  • Sealed in robust plastic (adds safety).
  • Compact in-line cable design to fit anywhere.
  • Uses common “USB” type interface cable.
  • Interfaces with the Batrium daisy chain cables.
More details are available on the datasheet:

IsoMon Data Sheet Ver 1.1

Example Installation

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