WatchMon WM1 to WM4 swap with SPF102 to ShuntMon (WITH downtime)

WatchMon WM1 to WM4 swap with SPF102 to ShuntMon (WITH downtime)

Regular price $296.00 AUD

For those that want to upgrade their hardware from Watchmon1 to the latest processor that has the new secure IoT chipset.


Read more details about the upgrade options
Watchmon WM1 to WM4 upgrade

If you already have a ShuntMon then purchase the follow product instead
WatchMon WM1 to WM4 swap (with downtime)

Why upgrade?

  • Meet our commitment to offer a upgrade program (available for at least the rest of 2018)
  •  For most there is no compelling reason to change 
  • When remote access / web service are enabled on Watchmon4 (future feature in 2018Q4). This upgrade option will make more sense to consider when the remote access is available as will be limited to the Watchmon4..5..6 that has the new secure IoT chipset


Why do I need to upgrade the Sendynne SPF102 to Shuntmon?

  • Sendynne shunt does not have isolation built-in to the serial port which will damage both the Watchmon4 and SPF102 if connected.
  • we did designed a separate isolation board for the SPF102. However  the fabrication quotes were only marginally cheaper than us providing a full Shuntmon.
  • Hence we thought you would want a full update than a patch module 


Inside the box


Changeover procedure (less $ outlay)

Small downtime for shipping and less $ outlay

  1. purchase appropriate option
  2. send us the snapshot report for review (step 2 can precede 1)
  3. we review request and either approve or refund your money
  4. you ship the original Watchmon1 pcb and SPF102
  5. we verify the stock received
  6. we ship the replacement


  • Original stock can be sent to one of  3 locations: USA, EU or Australia.
  • Does not include shipping expenses

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