SiCan: Supervisor for TC-Charger

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Superseded by WatchMon supervisor 

SiCan (Simple CAN charger interface) can be used to drive a second extension charger from PacMon. PacMon provides the primary charger control. The extension SiCan provides an additional high current charger.

The PacMon is normally used to provide the complete battery supervision and charging solution. Advanced users can add an optional extension charger where SiCan is controlled by PacMon. The CMon cable connects directly to the fully programmable CAN-enabled (TC or Elcon) charger (not using the external CAN conversion module).

This extension SiCan holds programmable parameters that determine charger currents and voltages. When +12V is applied, SiCan drives the charger targets, and reads the actual voltages and currents.

More details are available in the following datasheet:

SiCan Extension Charger to PacMon Ver 1.4

SiCan Data Sheet Ver 1.3

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