Assembly of the Watchmon / ExpansionBoard with the CamdenBoss pcb din rail holder

How to assemble the components into the PCB din rail holder. 



  • 1 x WatchMon supervisor
  • 1 x Expansion board
  • 1 x 18mm spacers  (Camdenboss CIME/E/BE/1850S)
  • 2 x 35mm spacers  (Camdenboss CIME/E/BEF/3500S)
  • 2 x end plates    (Camdenboss CIME/E/SE1000S)
  • 1 x 26pin IDE Ribbon link


PCB DinRail holder assembly



Remember to add the clock RTC battery to the WatchMon before assembling into PCB holder.


Trimming USB location

Adjust for the USB-B socket insertion.


Slide PCB along the top/bottom into the holder.


Linking between WatchMon and ExpansionBoard


Recommendation when wiring into screw terminals

For a durable solution use bootlace / ferral covers over all cables connected to screw terminals, raw cables have a number of draw backs. The length may need to be trimmed before insertion into 2.5mm terminal.

  • 0.5mm2 Crimp Cord Wire End Terminal Bootlace Ferrule Connector.

  • Self-Adjustable Ratcheting Ferrule Plier Crimper HSC8 6-4A 0.25-6mm² AWG23-10.