Bridge Connect - What do I need to know?

BridgeConnect has the same processor as the WatchMon but without the BMS functionality. One of its key features is the isolated RS232/RS485/CAN2 ports to allow communication with other devices, such as chargers, inverters and remote systems. With the hardware being Arduino IDE based, this allows you to in-bed your own custom code.

BridgeConnect is very much a open source code module that we use to extend the WatchMon functionality for customer specific requirements. It is in in early days and we have published only a couple of open source projects. Unfortunately there is no schedule on the development and this happens adhoc. It is therefore unrealistic that in the short term we publish numerous projects for every device. Whilst we have shared the code to get you started, you also need to accept responsiblility for the code and for any that you add to enable your functionality. 

When BridgeConnect sample projects are completed we will share what we can that will not breach NDA's from equipment suppliers. A number of the suppliers do not publish their protocols hence limiting what we can share publicly.