Details about the discount code for DIY HBP Powerwalls for reaching 20k subscribers

Congratulations to Peter at DIY HBP Powerwalls for reaching 20k subscribers

We are impressed with Peter's success in doubling his subscribers after installing the Batrium BMS. Hence it's about time to offer a special deal to his followers...

Free shipping on your order:

  • Minimum purchase of AUD$600
  • Applies to shipping rates under AUD$110
  • One time per customer
  • Offer expiring on 6 August 2017
  • Shipping to most countries (36 approved and will considered others on request)

Orders will be shipped after 7 August due to us temporarily running out of WatchMon stock. Thank you for all the interest as this has had us run out of stock. Our error is your gain with this discount reward for those prepared to pay now and wait for when the new stock arrives within 5 weeks.

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