Watchmon1 - FAQ and How-to guides

Can I get extra support whilst troubleshooting the installation?

Yes, we offer paid remote support via TeamViewer or other mutually agreed tools.


Instructions related to the WatchMon1 supervisor product.


Why do I need a Starter Kit and not just the CellMons or WatchMons

How to outline your bms requirements

Paid Support Services

Can I get extra support or troubleshooting during installation?


How to install the WatchMon Toolkit software

How to verify that the WatchMon software is the latest release

Can I just buy the Batrium BmsSuite or WatchMon software?

How to customise the theme / style of WatchMon toolkit

Are other Language alternatives available?

Firmware Upgrade

Simplified firmware upgrade of the Watchmon

PIN code

Where do I find a pincode?


Where do I find a pincode?

How to connect to WatchMon via WiFi access point

How to connect to home wifi AP

PC / Tablet

Which PC / Tablet to purchase

How to determine if the PC / Tablet has enough resources

Snapshot report

Understanding the Snapshot capture report

WatchMon Hardware

Watchmon hardware guide and pin assignment

Understanding Watchmon operating state LED indicator

Understanding the status icons of the WatchMon Toolkit

Wiring / Screw Terminals

Best practice for screw terminals

CellMon Network - Installation, Test & Troubleshooting

Design considerations for cell monitors

How many LongMons can be installed with one WatchMon?

Installing Multiple Cell Monitors per series - Wizard configuration

How to connect the CellMon modules to the WatchMon

How to test the CMU network for faults with a WatchMon

How to sync the CMU CellMon configuration with a WatchMon

Understanding the LED Indicators on each CellMon

How to identify a specific CellMon using the LED

How to wire up the RC7S CellMon mounting kit

How do I connect BlockMons - Battery Pack chain

Any chance of adding additional resistors to the CellMons for extra discharging/balancing?


How to connect the shunt SPF102MOD to the WatchMon

How to connect Shuntmon2 to the Watchmon supervisor 

Can we use our own Shunt Block?

Expansion Board

Assembly of the Watchmon / ExpansionBoard with the CamdenBoss pcb din rail holder

ExpansionBoard hardware and wiring guide


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