How to connect the ShuntMon2 to the WatchMon supervisor

Shuntmon2 can be connected to either WatchMon1 or Watchmon4 using the same wiring sequence.

Connection to Shuntmon

Communication 4 pin port:

Pin Colour Function
1 Red Isolated 5vdc supply
2 Green Isolated TX to WatchMon
3 Yellow Isolated RX from WatchMon
4 Black Isolated Ground


Voltage sense 2 pin port:

Pin Colour Function
1 spare
2 Red Battery Positive


Battery Current terminals

Pin Function
LEFT Battery load - to inverter/charger
RIGHT Battery Neg - from cells


Connection on Watchmon

Terminal strip connections are as follows:

Pin Colour Function
12 Red 5vdc supply
13 Green RX from Shunt
14 Yellow TX to Shunt
15 Black Ground