Roadmap - App for smartphones and remote access - Cloud Integration

Yes, we have started developing a smartphone App a few months ago. Currently we have the Android version that works locally on your wifi network, next up is the iOS version.

Eventually the App and the WatchMon supervisor will also be able to connect via the cloud broker to give you can access from anywhere. This will enable you to see what is happened to your battery (cell voltages, current, temperature, SOC%) and access to a history of events and logs.

It is important for us that the user experience of the mobile app is consistent between both iOS and Android. This will ensure that when we push out new functionality can be embraced on bms hardware, mobiles apps, desktop and cloud portal at the same time.

We don't yet have an release date but it's certainly on our "to do" list.

 Suggested Remote Access Solution

Many of our customers have a dedicated mini computer just for the inverter/charger and the Batrium system. This computer is connected to the internet and they can remotely access from anywhere using their smartphone, laptop, tablet.  Teamviewer is a great tool

The advantages of this method is that you are not limited to a simplified view app designed for small screens. You can see the information on the screen, edit the settings or even in case of an emergency remotely disconnect the whole system just like if you're sitting in front of your main computer.

Connecting to WatchMon via Wifi

There are two different ways to connect to your WatchMon via Wifi:

  1. Connecting the WatchMon4 to your router and accessing wirelessly via Wifi
  2. Connecting your computer directly to the WatchMon4's Wifi

Here is a link showing both methods: connecting-watchmon4-via-wifi


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