Understanding the WatchMon - Hardware configuration - Expansion settings

Administrative screen for the WatchMon supervisor hardware, and how to understand the various fields available to configure the hardware expansion settings.  This is where the inputs and outputs are defined.

Navigate to this screen via the Hardware option on the Menu then choosing the Expansion tab. Editing only available when in Technician mode.



In Edit mode:

  1. Assign the relay functions for critical and cooling.
  2. Save.


Field Definitions

Template option:  Select from a list the expansion board used.  



Outputs 1, 2, 3 and 4:  Can be set individually.


Depending on the template option chosen values pre-populate the cells the following options individually set.  Options are listed above.


Remote LED status:  Choose from the options.


  • None:  No remote LED function.
  • Repeat: Duplicates the signal status onboard LED on WatchMon so can be mounted remotely.
  • Status + 7seg SoC%:  Add to the remote signal a indication of the first led always status then remaining as state of charge.
  • Solid SoC% 8Seg: Add to the remote signal a indication of state of charge.



Input AIN1: (future development)

Input AIN2: (future development)




Action button / process link events

Edit:  This button opens up fields to editing, only available when in Technician mode.

Undo:  Restores values to last saved values and returns to read only mode.

Save:  Saves values into system and returns to read only mode.  This only works when connected by a USB.  If saving whilst connected via WiFi the following Error message appears.

Default:  Restore values to default for Expansion settings.