Comparison between Watchmon series 4, 5 and 6

This article is to help outline the differences and help determine the correct supervisor series for your project. 

Power comparison chart

Typically the daily balancing requirement is between 100mAh and 1000mAh. This will depend on the cell age, chemistry and configuration. Balancing power beyond this level is useful to have in reserve for the initial balance and any minor fault or reconfiguration event.


Typically automated initial commissioning comparison

For those wanting to assemble new cells without any conditioning process into packs, this table compares the options to avoid any manual balancing steps. New cells vary between 40 - 70% SoC% when supplied,  hence assume a 30% variance for the initial balance. After this initial event there is very little need for this level of power unless the battery pack is reconfigured. N/A is listed for scenarios beyond two(2) weeks which will needing additional assistance.


Recovery or worst case commissioning comparison

The table above demonstrates the worst case scenario of a battery pack with almost all cells full and one replaced that is empty (or the reverse scenario). Hence the need to balance the full battery capacity, whilst this should not occur it can occur when recovering a battery pack with a significant variance.  


WatchMon4 + Longmon

  • Supervisor with distributed cell monitors
  • 2.2A max 1.2A typical bypass balancing
  • 28.8Ah per day for each cell
  • Available now



  • Supervisor with cell management (from 9 to 15 series cells)
  • 500mA bypass balancing
  • 6Ah per day for each cell
  • compatible with many of the OEM shared cell balancing looms
  • Available Dec 2018



  • Supervisor with active energy transfer (fixed 14 series cells)
  • 4A transfer 7A fused
  • 100Ah per day for each cell both in charge or discharge
  • suitable for large capacity cells
  • Available early 2019




Watchmon4 product information

Watchmon5 product information

Watchmon6 product information


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