Expansion Board Upgrade Kit - WatchMon

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This only applies to WatchMon4Solo upgrade to WatchMon4Expansion as new Dinrail and 3D printed covers are required in the change.  All others should just purchase an Expansion board


Here is an instructional page and video showing how to assemble this Expansion Board kit together:

How to add the Expansion Board to a WatchMon4 - VIDEO


Parts included in the Expansion Board Kit:

Expansion Board (12V)



Expansion Board

26pin ribbon cable

3D printed protective cover for WatchMon

Note appropriate covers to protect your product are sent.

din-rail PCB holder

Note if expanding a WatchMonPlus the Dinrail size would be 165mm vs 110mm for WatchMon4.  We generally check what your initial purchase and provide the upgrade based on this information.  Please inform us if otherwise. 



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