CMU cable - CellMon extension cable with pluggable connector

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Warranty of WatchMon CORE voided if use CMU instead of IsoMon3

Available on request only if using WatchMon4

1.5 meters dual twisted pair shielded communication extension cable suitable for cell monitoring with the CellMon pluggable connector.

Works with WatchMon4 and WatchMon1.

Why do I need the CMU cable?
This allows the WatchMon hardware to be installed at a higher and unobstructed position outside the battery box which improves the Wifi signal significantly. It also makes connecting the CellMons much easier and more intuitive using the existing connectors rather than having a risk of connecting something wrong and damage the WatchMon or CellMon hardware.

How to connect the CellMon modules to the WatchMon

Do you require longer than 1.5 meters cable?

The CMU cable (grey cable with the blue heat-shrink) can be extended if required. Make sure you use a dual-twisted-pair cable keeping one twisted pair for "Green/White" and another twisted pair for "Red/Black". Shielded cable if possible. Try to keep no longer than 4 metres.

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