Schneider Electric - Circuit Breaker Voltage release tripping unit and Double Pole Circuit Breaker 125A 15kA

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Wiring diagram: How to connect the Watchmon4 to the Schneider Circuit Breaker

Part Number:  A9N26947

Description:   Voltage release - iMX+OF - tripping unit  48-130Vac dc

Product Description

 Name: IMX+OF
Type: Shunt trip release with OC contact
Width:  18 mm
Color: White
Rated operational current:  AC-12 : 2 A at 48 V AC - 50 Hz
DC-12 : 2 A at 48 V DC 
Local signalling Action indicator 
Warranty period 18 Months


  Product Data Sheet


Part Number:  A9N18415
Description: C120H - circuit breaker - 2P - 125A - B curve

Product Description

Name: C120 
Type: Miniature circuit-breaker
Poles description: 2P
Suitability for isolation: Yes conforming to IEC 60947-2
Trip unit technology: Thermal-magnetic 
Ambient air temperature for operation:  -30...60 °C 
Warranty period: 18 Months


  Product Data Sheet





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