SiMon: Simple battery supervisor (Gen1)

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Superseded by WatchMon supervisor 

SiMon (Simple Interface Monitor) can be used as a low cost  stand-alone device that enhances the Batrium BMS network. It has two relay outputs, and dashboard LEDs, while monitoring the complete set of BlockMon (or LongMon) attached to the batteries. With +12V is applied, SiMon will constantly interrogate the extension battery network.

It has programmable alarms to the driver, contactor, and charger for both driving (under voltage) and charging (over voltage). It also provides a “pass through” interface to a UMon to allow USB access via PC software “EvSuite”.

SiMon (Simple Interface Monitor) can also be used as a low cost second battery extension to a PacMon BlockMon/LongMon system. The programmable parameters are used to send control information to the main battery pack connected to PacMon.

More details are available in the following datasheet:

Extension SiMon Connected to PacMon Ver 1.4


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