UsbMon: USB Monitor PC Interface (Gen1)

UsbMon: USB Monitor PC Interface (Gen1)

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Superseded by WatchMon supervisor 

UMon provides a compact low cost USB interface to IsoMon, SiMon, SiCan, and CMon. This allows PC (or Tablet) monitoring of LongMon or BlockMon networks. It is a compact interface that has data filtering for high noise environments. It is robustly packaged in plastic insulation in an “inline” fashion. It has an earth strap that keeps catastrophic fault currents local for minimal damage. UMon uses a convenient opposite gender (male & female) “USB” cable interface for connecting to the rest of the networked items.

  • USB 2.0 compatible.
  • Interfaces with the IsoMon, SiCan, and CMon.
  • Compact in-line cable design to fit anywhere.
  • Uses common “USB” type interface cable.
  • Adds chassis ground.
  • Blocks RF noise from entering BMS communication network.
  • Sealed in robust plastic (adds safety).
More details are available on the datasheet

UMon Data Sheet Ver 1.1

UMon USB Driver
The UMon USB driver is automatically installed by the EvSuite program.
It is also available in Start Menu =>  All Programs => Batrium Pty Ltd => EvSuite => Tools => Driver Installer
To install the driver manually. extract the following zip folder and run USBXxpressInstaller.exe

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