WatchMonPlus (WM5) WatchMon5 with Expansion

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FREE Expansion Board included


  • Combines supervisor with on-board cell management to offer "All in One"
  • Less wires: no daisy-chain network cables between cell monitors.
  • Enable second life use of existing balancing connectors in OEM packs like Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, etc. that use "shared" wires between each cell in series (recommended to attach 3A fuse inline as close to battery as possible to protect cabling).
  • 10 to 15 cells in series (suitable to typical 48v lithium battery)
  • cell monitoring from 0.50V to 5.50v with 0.001 resolution
  • configurable to suit LiFePO4, Lithium-Ion or custom chemistry
  • Auto-Level (balancing) function at 500mA with activity LED on each cell.
  • Capable of 6 Ah/day balancing adjustment for each cell 
  • user configurable presets and controls
  • 3 external temperature sensors
  • 5 LEDs showing operating status and battery SoC% (state of charge)

Supervisor features: 

  • Same supervisor functionality as WatchMon4
  • Link to Shuntmon with 500A or 1000A power rating
  • Easy to use pluggable screw-terminal connectors.
  • Configurable 2 inputs and 2 outputs (i.e. remote circuit breaker trip, contactor or fan)
  • Additional inputs/outputs via ExpansionBoard (same as Watchmon4)
  • data logging of key metrics for 10 years
  • Clock with backup battery
  • firmware upgrades via USB

Remote Communication

  • WiFi connectivity (normal, disabled, or read only)
  • Opto-Insulated CAN bus to remote charger/inverter equipment
  • future feature to connecting to cloud portal via MQTT (secure link).

    Power Input

    • Built-in 8v to 65v DC-DC supply
    • handle automotive transients
    • consumes with WiFi enabled ~1.7W (Typical 48v battery budget 1Ah/day)

      Inside the box:

      • 1 x WatchMonPlus WM5
      • 1 x 165cm Din-rail holder
      • 1 x TestMon
      • 3 x Temperature sensors
      • 1 x USB A-B 1.5m extension cable
      • 1 x Screwdriver
      • 1 x Sticker

      Below is a excerpt of both the support articles and videos available on the support site:


      There is increasing demand for a battery management system solution suitable to allow the second life of OEM packs (Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, etc).

      WatchMonPlus WM5 has limited balancing power of 500mA, this is suitable for many of the EV automotive batteries considered for re-purposing making the retrofit much simpler.

      This permits the use of the existing OEM "shared" balancing wires being used avoiding the difficulty with reconfiguring the battery pack and needing direct access to the cell terminals. 


      Unboxing WatchmonPlus WM5

      Comparison between Watchmon4  vs WatchmonPlus WM5

      Preparing the balancing wires 


      Supervisor commissioning / installation


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