How to sync the CMU CellMon configuration with a WatchMon

Process to synchronise the CMU CellMon modules to set the bypass voltage threshold and collect the individual configuration.


Step 1 - Navigate to the Hardware menu.


Step 2 - Navigate to the CellMon tab.


Step 3 - Start the Sync link.


This will trigger the system to process the CellMon module configuration to match the configuration on the CellMon configuration screen. Observe that the Mode is "SyncRunning", when finished will change to a different mode.


Step 4 - Review that GroupAck received matches the number of CellMons configured. It will be 0 for a network break. Each NodeID will progressively be configured.


Step 5 - When the Sync has completed.

When all OK the Poller Mode will change to "Normal" mode, it will transition to "DeviceCollect".

If issues exist, will move to "Idle" mode.



Make sure there are not network fault with CMU network.


How to test the CMU network for faults with a WatchMon