Understanding the WatchMon - Tools - configuration bulk import

Administrative tool to bulk import the configuration from a backup copy of the hardware settings.


This screen is accessed via the Tools option on the Menu, then choosing the Bulk Import option. Import only available when in Technician mode, this function is only available via USB connection. Configuration backup files are found the the backup folder these are saved every time the settings are changes.

The process is completed in 2 stages 

  • Open the backup file
  • Push the Setup Configuration to the WatchMon

Backup files are stored at the following path and can also be accessed using the Backup Folder button:

  • My Documents \ Batrium \ Backup \ WatchMon_#SysCode#_#Date#.txt
  • #Date# is the time stamp when the system was saved
  • #SysCode# is the system code



Step 1 - Select file to Open



Step 2 - Verify that the file configuration contents are as expected



Step 3 - Adjust what configuration options will be imported



Step 4 - Launch the Bulk import process



Step 5 - Review the import results

When all successful verified the changes



Review individual setup section results



Options - defaults

  • Hardware CellGroup:    Import related configuration from setup file
  • Hardware Shunt:          Import related configuration from setup file
  • Hardware Expansion:   Import related configuration from setup file
  • Hardware Integration:  Import related configuration from setup file
  • Controller Critical:         Import related configuration from setup file
  • Controller Charging:      Import related configuration from setup file
  • Controller Discharging:  Import related configuration from setup file
  • Controller Thermal:       Import related information from setup file
  • Controller Remote:        Import related information from setup file 



Options - enable with caution

  • Hardware System: Update system identifiers, not recommended unless back onto the original device
  • Metrics Shunt:  Update the SoC% related fields, care as this will change to the value saved in the file and in any point in time changes
  • Metrics Lifetime:   Update Lifetime metrics counters and references
  • Metrics DailySession:  Update the current DailySession statistics for today


  Support Tip:  Pressing this button calls up the knowledge base on this screen.