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What our customers say

Thanks for making a great product! I've seen many instances out there about
how awesome Batrium is, and I would also like to thank you for assisting me with my questions prior to ordering. I think the sunny island inverters will work out great, and I should be able to accomplish my goals with this on grid, storage project.


What our customers say

I am really happy with my Watchmon4 and look forward to seeing new developments in the future


What our customers say

If it was not for this product I would have give up on my DIYpowerwall, I have learnt so much since starting my project. With this BMS I have enjoying being part of the second life battery community.

Peter Matthews - HBPowerwall

The control the Watchmon 5 has given me over the battery's environment is terrific. Thank you for designing such a great product and for the support to install it. I'm glad that I selected Batrium.


Who We Are

We sell a range of lithium battery monitoring modules that have been designed, manufactured and tested by us. We also offer a custom service which has supplied tailored solutions for many of our customers.

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