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Remote Access with Insights and Trends

BMI WebAccess

Status at a glance via Mobile - Web - Desktop

Intelligent Control

WatchMon Core

The BMS supervisor compatible with our cell monitors, keeping watch, following your rules and taking action when required. As well as connecting to BMI WebAccess giving you access and control from near or far.

CellMate K9

Connecting from 3 to 16 cells in series and 4 temperature sensors connected to the WatchMon supervisor. Can be mounted away from the supervisor to be close to the battery.

Expansion Board

Controlling remote equipment with the flexibility of user defined functions assigned to 3 Mechanical, 3 Solid-state relays and 2 Inputs sensors. Extending beyond the onboard WatchMon capabilities.

CellMate K9 Daisy Chaining

You can chain up to 20 CellMate-K9's to your WatchMon, allowing you to monitor 250 cells with one supervisor. Allowing Configuration for HV (High Voltage) or LV (Low Voltage) multi-string in series or in parallel.

ShuntMon 500A

Measuring the SoC% state of charge and power of your battery pack.

BMS Information

Compatible with all Lithium chemistries giving you control and assurance.

Keeping watch on your batteries, following the configured rules and taking action when required.

Built from the ground up to be web enabled allowing you to have remote access, logging and gain insights into the battery enabling early detection before a critical event occurs or look at prior logs after the event.

Lithium Chemistries

Lithium Ion Phosphate, LTO, Lithium Cobalt


Unlimited Systems, Up to 250 Cells per System

Compatible Platforms

Web, iPhone, Android, MacOS, Windows


Communication with Inverters/ Chargers


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