About Us

Batrium is a young, driven family company who believe in creating safe, robust, quality lithium battery monitoring systems at reasonable prices. For some of our commercial customers we have supplied them a tailored custom solution.

Based in New South Wales, Australia we initially grew out of our garage, creating our own unique brand of products and services which have been sold around the world to 44 countries (and rising) and 30 of the US states (also rising).

The company began when it's founder, Jaron Ware, was converting an electric vehicle in 2011. At the time it was hard to find a economic BMS that had enough features and quality. Hence Batrium was born out of this frustration!

In 2016 we moved the company to Newcastle and from 2019 have started to expand our little group. The team has grown to 11 people now, covering the logistics of quality, sales, support and fabrication, whilst continuing to develop new products including the new remote cloud system.

Our products have been designed to provide control systems for various markets, including: 

  • Autonomous robots
  • Stationary battery storage - off grid/hybrid 
  • Electric train
  • Electric race cars
  • Government projects
  • University projects, just to name a few

We continue to aspire toward the creation of sustainable solutions in renewable technologies which are target the 4 E's in product requirements, so our products need to be:

  • Economical
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Easy to use

If our systems suit your requirements and you wish to embed our stock within your own commercial product, reach out to us so we can how best to design and supply to you. 


Contact Information

Phone: +61 2 4067 2400
Support / Sales Email: info@batrium.com 

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    Unit 6, 112 Munibung Rd
    Boolaroo NSW 2284
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