About Us

Founded in a humble garage, our company embarked on a journey driven by passion and innovation, designed for ourselves after many requests we made it available to others.

From those early days, we've now grown into a dynamic team across two continents.

We are continually striving towards improving our products and services to meet the demands of those wanting to use lithium battieries on one or many projects.

Ensuring that you get the best life and value out of your battery system.We are continually adding new functionallity to the existing products and providing backwards capability, to make existing projects even better.

We have always seen a market need for a BMS to be web enabled for remote access and the ability to give insight to trends about the performance of the batteries so that you can better manage and have early detection before a critical event occurs.Today, our ever expanding staff continues to drive our progress.

We are thankful to our loyal customers who have helped propel us to where we are today.


Contact Information

Phone: +61 2 4067 2400
Support / Sales Email: info@batrium.com 

    Shipping Information

    Unit 6, 112 Munibung Rd
    Boolaroo NSW 2284