Limited Stock - Watchmon1

We have been en-devouring to resolve supply issues with Watchmon1 supervisor. 

Recently we had a problem with our scheduled fabrication run of Watchmon1 supervisor as all were rejected, unfortunately for 2 different reasons:

1. Processor 
What we had not anticipated was the global shortage of MK20DX256VLH7 from Freescale semiconductor. The Teensy 3.2 has the same processor and there is a 26 week lead time. Our recent manufacturing run had 2 different batches supplied as components for the processor, one worked, the other was very old stock from 2012 that was listed as faulty by Freescale. We did not learn about this shortage until after they arrived at our office.

2. Wifi modules
Did not work with original firmware, we finally resolved by replacing the modules, they arrived on 11th Dec.

This means we are back and able to supply limited quantities whilst we wait from the new Watchmon4. The first fabrication is almost complete with the likely transport delays over xmas, the WatchMon4 is on track for sale from the end of late January 2018.
There is obviously plenty to do in getting ready for this release, this was not the plan, however we will take this opportunity to revisit the supervisor with a number of improvements over Watchmon1.
Moving forward we have reopened the store to restart selling the Starter Kits with the Watchmon1 supervisors.

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