WatchMon CORE has arrived

Batrium’s New Product Launch of WatchMon-CORE has arrived, get our best deals first and evolve your project with us, turn your ideas into reality....
Core is about to take centre stage with awesome surrounding product lines to amplify its greatness. Treat yourself with the New WatchMon-CORE, IsoMon and Expansion-3 and build your own colossal home energy storage system.
Due to overwhelming demand, there is a 2 week backlog so do not delay and order online now for a life changing choice in BMS (before demand turns the 2 weeks into 4). Batrium will include an even more awesome deal with 5% off using the discount code "Backlog2W" for the next 2 weeks.
Order online now to get all your BMS requirements to start your adventure in power independence.
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