Watchmon Toolkit Updates

WatchMon toolkit (2.0.RC7) Beta release

WatchMon toolkit (2.0.RC7) Beta release

Download setup at WatchMonToolkitInstaller_2.0.RC7.msi 

Available now to people via Beta release, Ideally in 2-3 weeks after Beta validation has elapsed will transition to Live to be available to all

  • Watchmon1 hardware is not targeted for this software update
  • Shunt testing confirmed for +3wks (RC6)
  • Wi-Fi testing confirmed for +2wks (RC7)


Release Sequencing


  • only 2-3 feature releases to Live (Prod) each year
  • whilst testing issues will rollback process to Dev
  • minimum time for Beta is 2 weeks to detect issue
  • customers can elect to adopt Beta if they wish
  • only adopt Alpha when instructed by Batrium staff


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