Affiliate Rewards Program

How the Affiliate program works

Available to those interested in rewarding the customer and contributors with a bonus, letting us know from whom they heard about us in choosing our products and services.  

Will be started in October 2019 after the community asked that we provide a method for a few of the influences in the DIY Powerwall community to get rewards.


1. Customer

When the purchaser buys one our our BMS systems (supervisor kit) via the affiliate link provided they will get a voucher code of AUD$25. This can be redeemed to purchase a limited range of branded items like a tee-shirt, hat, etc.. These are prepared by a third party in either the USA or Europe, with their shipping hopefully avoiding additional charges. There may still be duties and charges which are beyond our control.

Once you have received the parcel within the box there is a voucher code that we will activate after receiving the manual snapshot report confirming that the system is operational.


2. Affiliate

Can be either an individual or a company that markets our product in an appealing way to potential consumers. Typically they have a niche audience related to battery storage and is an active member of the community who are promoting our products online using one of the various social media platforms with content about their experience.

Based on the successful sale of the system, they can choose if they wish to collect AUD$25 that can be recouped in minimum lots of 4 systems at least 3 months after the transaction. These can be redeemed as either store credit, paypal or amazon gift cards unless prearranged with us.

Please dont ask for a free system to review.  If you ask to join the affiliate program we will review your request to see what content and community involvement you have made in helping others "Make Batteries Smarter" (and Safer).


What if you dont want to use Affiliate rewards?

That's fine, we really appreciate your order and the money goes towards making your product even better with new features. We have a large roadmap of additional functionality that needs your support through sales to make this happen. This program is for those wanting to give support to those that have made the DIY community a better place.