Contact us

Most of the common questions have already been documented in our FAQ / Support page.

If you require extra support via email, please make sure you send us:

  1. Photos - showing your system, some close up showing the wiring (WatchMon, cell monitors, shunt, inverter/charger connections).
  2. Snapshot Capture Report - This gives us a snapshot (overview) of the configuration you are using so we can see if there is anything in the setup that might be effecting it and doesn't match the pictures. We only need the most recent manual extract Snapshot report file attached to the email.

In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact our support via, please allow us some time to respond as we are processing many emails. Requests with file attachments need to be sent via email.

Product purchased from a dealer: you are best to discuss with them first. Dealers are familiar with your application and can assist you in both selecting the appropriate components, installation steps and technical support.

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