BMSSuite - How to configure the BMS for off-grid solar with ChokeMon

Follow the normal configuration (commissioning) process however pick the Wizard scenario "PacMon with non TC-charger".



To ensure that the BMS will work for solar, there are a number of modifications to the default configuration.


Step 1 - Navigate to Configuration from Home menu


Step 2 - Navigate to the Advanced Setup menu


Step 3 - Navigate to the CellMon settings


Step 4 - Select the cellmon supervisor using the edit/view button (hardware device aka SiMon)


Step 5 - Modify the Critical tab

Ensure that the Latch recovery has been selected


Step 6 - Modify the Warning tab

Make sure that the Low Cell Volt for warning is lower than the Critical settings.


Step 7 - Modify the Bypass tab

  • Threshold = Pack Target / #num of cells
  • Max Current less than Final Bypass to prevent Completion
  • Initial Bypass should be a low setting to trigger Warning state
  • Final Bypass more than Max Current to prevent Completion


Step 8 - Verify the options tab

The default switches should be ok.



Continue to follow the commissioning steps