BMSSuite - How to import the hardware configuration back into BmsSuite

This can be relevant when required to adopt the existing hardware modules configuration instead of the wizard values.

NB: Prior to this step need to collect the existing configuration from the system.


Step 1 - Navigate to Configuration from Home menu


Step 2 - Navigate to the Advanced Setup menu


Step 3 - Navigate to the CellMon settings


Step 4 - Select the cellmon supervisor using the edit/view button (hardware device aka SiMon)


Step 4 - navigate to the CellMon Group - Properties tab


Step 5 - Press Match to adopt the hardware device configuration to the system architecture 

Ensure the changes collected are what is expected.


Step 6 - If modification have occurred press Save


Step 7 - ensure that Device Sync has been run successfully



The equivalent steps can be completed for the charging system architecture.