BMSSuite - How to install the BmsSuite software

It is recommended that BmsSuite software is installed on Windows 7 or later. Batrium may not provide detailed support for older operating systems such as Windows XP. A prerequisite of the software is Microsoft .Net framework 4 or later, the installer will examine your system and prompt you to also install if not found.

The BmsSuite installer includes the separate installer from SiLabs USBXpress for either Windows 64 bit or 32 bit systems. The driver is required to connect to the UMon’s contained within the PacMon hardware.

The installer will automatically upgrade over the existing version.


Step 1 - download the latest software

using the following link BmsSuiteInstaller.msi 


Step 2 - navigate through the menu steps


Step 3 - Acknowledge responsibility for due care to handling both the hardware and software


Step 4 - Customise the installation steps

NB: If the PC is a dedicated machine for this purpose then its typically to have the programs automatically launch when the system starts.


Step 5 - Start Installation


Step 6 - Accept running in Admin mode


Step 7 - Installing will update its status of steps


Step 8 - Accept "USB Driver" to run in Admin mode


Step 9 - Start USB Device Driver install


Step 10 - Driver installer will update is status


Step 11 - Press "Finish" to the usb device driver installer


Step 12 - Press "Finish" to the BmsSuite installer



The next step is to run through commission sequence