BMSSuite - How to tailor the BmsSuite charting screens

The charting screens can been modified to suit your own preferences. There are three(3) user configurable chart screens available. Each screen can have different tailored layouts, fields shown and colour scheme.


Step 1 - navigate to a Node Chart from Home menu


Step 2 - adjust the layout options by pressing the cog button

After making the modifications press Save


Step 3 - User preferences

Many sections of the chart can be customised, below covers many of the sections and what is possible.


Step 3.1 - battery cellmon related 

  1. Cell sensor temperature (typically white diamond)
  2. Highlighted cell voltage (most recent reading collected)
  3. Cell voltage minimum recorded since the last data collection
  4. Cell voltage maximum recorded since the last data collection
  5. Chart title
  6. settings related to guidelines

To pick a colour press the eye dropper or colour box


Step 3.2 - bypass related field related

  1. When enabled show the bypass chart
  2. Bypass temperature sensor colour
  3. Bypass current bar chart colour
  4. Settings related to guidelines


Step 3.3 - chart axis related

  1. Hide or show the axis with the range values
  2. When the axis division is zero (0) this will auto calculate an appropriate interval. 
  3. Press the number to open the keypad as a alternative to + or -


Step 3.4 - right digit field related

  1. switch on right panel of digits
  2. select the desired field option
  3. pick colour for the field value



Step 3.5 - top digit field related



By pressing the cog   there are extra options to reset the values to defaults options.