BMSSuite - How to test and verify the Bypass function

Used to detect if any problems exist with the cellmon modules, testing ensures that they have been installed properly and able to bypass current when required at end of charge. Only run the test when the supervisor is idle (without 12v).

The system will report that the Bypass functionality has not completed testing, the status indicator can be seen in the bottom left panel of Service Centre.


Step 1 - navigate to the Tools menu


Step 2 - navigate to Bypass Tester 


Step 3 - Start the tester


Step 4 - monitor the task in progress, typically each cellmon module will be tested to increase 5 degrees to ensure that the bypass circuit and wiring has been installed as expected.



Step 5 - review that the outcome was successful, results for each cellmon can be confirmed on the results tab.


Step 6 - Results for each cellmon can be confirmed and the time each takes to pass the test. 


Additional adjustments

Testing Options tab

If required you can run the test on a reduced number of cellmon modules. If only the third(3) cellmon is required then set both the First and Last to 3.

Typically when confirming the bypass functionality, turn the bypass current on until the temperature increases by 5 degrees, this can be adjusted when limits to ensure that the system does not start nor exceed expected conditions.


Testing Limits tab

Typically when confirming the bypass functionality, turn on the current to a specified rate. To prevent the cellmon from operating outside the optimal range both the voltage and a timeout limit are defined.