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BMSSuite - How to use voice commands from the BmsSuite

The voice player will speak out parameters (live readings) if they go past triggered thresholds. It can be used to alarm the operator of events (eg. while driving) without having to watch the PC screen.


Step 1 - navigate to the Tools menu from Home screen


Step 2 - navigate to Voice Player


Step 3 - Test the voice player

Test the PC voice function works by pressing the play button on the right. Check the PC volume and mute. This will work on voice enabled PCs (Windows 7 and 8).

Note: In the addendum below will cover the settings.


Step 4 - Start the voice player

Press start to use the speech processing. It will repeat each line if it remains beyond the threshold. Continuous voice readings can be set by setting thresholds so that it will trigger even with the normal (present) values.




Processor tab

Attributes that can be spoken:

  • Min Cell Volt: live value of the Pack
  • Max Cell Volt: live value of the Pack
  • Max Cell Celsius: live value of the Pack
  • Max Bypass Amp: live value of the Pack
  • At Final Bypass: number of CellMon modules that has exceed the final bypass threshold

Settings for each Pack Attribute

  • Active: When ON it will monitor this parameter and speak out.
  • Prefix: phase spoken before the parameter (reading).
  • Reading: Obtained from the system. Note: updated at times set by the options.
  • Suffix: phase said after the parameter (reading).
  • Threshold: The value to compare to, will be spoken if the reading goes beyond this threshold.


Options tab

Pack Telemetry

  • Interval: How often the readings are updated (typically set to 1000ms).
  • Info Updating: With this OFF no readings will be updated (default ON).

All OK and Silence Suppression

  • Same: If none are beyond the thresholds (all OK) it will wait this long before the phrase below.
  • Phrase: What to say if all OK times out.