LongMon cell monitor

Intelligent cell monitoring unit

  • Battery range 2.2V to 5.4V. 
  • Bypass current 0A to 2A (typically 1A).
  • Over-temperature protection.
  • Over-voltage protection up to ±20V.
  • Noise immune opto-isolated.
  • Cell temperature and bypass load temperature measurements.
  • USB monitoring of live individual cell parameters and remote cell diagnostics.
  • Sealed in black thermally conductive epoxy (robust and safe).
  • Red and green LEDs for diagnostics and status.
  • All parameters fully remotely programmable and software is remote upgradeable.
More details are available in the datasheet

BMon and LMon Data Sheet Ver 1.1 
Connecting LongMons (Battery Chain)

Includes cable, consider purchasing spare longmon cables




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Examples Photos

Sample project with LongMon installed on cells.


Example of how to connect multiple LongMons (or any other Batrium cell monitor) in daisy chain to the WatchMon4 or WatchMon1 using the grey/blue CMU cable