WatchMon toolkit (Release 1.0.28 - firmware 1.40)

Published on 18 Aug 2017 the software install can be downloaded here.


New Features

  • Expansion functionality for
    • Critical recovery logic for multi battery recovery
    • Critical pulse on/off output with timeout
    • Charge / discharge limp limited power mode
    • Critical Fault sensor input for Contactor / Circuit breaker to add loopback verification
  • Backward compatible software to connect in read only mode for older versions as far back as back to SW1.0.11 Aug-2016



  • Extra status icon for readonly, firmware upgrade
  • Bypass AutoLevel extra function to handle no shunt condition
  • New Status LED option with solid 8 segment Soc% bar meter
  • Critical Control setup
    • extra dialog with less used parameters
    • new parameters related to Critical recovery



  • When saving setup verify against collected info not just old cache records
  • Double check that Factory reset has been invoked on System hardware setup.



Previous release (software 1.0.27 - firmware 1.39)

How to install the WatchMon Toolkit software

How to upgrade the Watchmon firmware