Watchmon Toolkit software

Used by a technician to monitor and control the BMS allowing you to view and configure your WatchMon Supervisor hardware.


It is recommended that the "WatchMon Toolkit" software be installed on a Windows 10 desktop (not mobile edition). Batrium will provide backward compatibility to Windows 7 desktop or later. We do not support installations onto virtual systems to allow it to run on Linux or AppleOS, however customers have successfully done this where they have sufficient skills.

System commissioning and instructions  
Release Notes are available 


All the advantages of battery monitoring with user defined control parameters to ensure that you can setup the BMS to suit your environment and requirements. Access via USB, local WiFi or remote internet so that you can tune the battery logic where it suits you and not beside the battery. When new updates and features are available have the choice to download and update, ensuring that you get the best out of your investment.

Achieve best practice by controlling the inverter/charger, fan, heater, and/or mechanical circuit disconnect via the digital outputs, SSR, relays and communication link