New staff member in our team!

New staff member in our team!
For many this news is long overdue, we have a new member in our team!

Please welcome Bruno!

As we grapple with our success, Bruno will be stepping in part-time to help assist us in this rapid phase of growth, he will be helping with the sales enquiries, support calls and more.. Some of you may already know Bruno (a.k.a So much POWEEEEEEEERR... ). He has been working with batteries for quite some time and has seen it all, both the good, bad and the ugly. With his experience as a battery technician and working with electronics will bring great insight and knowledge to the common pitfalls and best practices. Most importantly he will be able to help you select and commission a BMS.
We cant wait for him to help the objective at Batrium of:
  • [B] atteries
  • [M] ade
  • [S] marter

With the growing team we look forward to shared more on several initiatives that are close to release. More about that very soon.

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