Shipping of Watchmon4 started today!

Shipping of Watchmon4 started today!

With great relief we sent the first few orders and now begin the process of handling the backlog. Since there are far more orders than expected, the oldest will be processed first and then progressively move to the newest. On the website we will be updating the starter kit contents and link the proposed backlog schedule. In summary we have a 3-5 week backlog that we want to process as quickly as possible.

Watchmon4 backorder shipping table

What does this mean?
1. you will hear from us confirming the final configuration. 
2. we wait for your reply "all good" or revise based on discussion. 
3. we ship the parcel (most are already boxed without a Watchmon4).

NB: Let us know if you want to change the address details when we ask. For some locations we may suggest alternative freight options to avoid any further known postal issues.

Finally, we will have some exciting news tomorrow about how we will be handling all this extra support going forward.

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