Smiley Bars Teeshirt now available

Smiley Bars Teeshirt now available

We have liked the idea of T-shirts and cups for a while now and can finally state, “we have succeeded” and you must admit to yourselves (whether you want to or not), some of you belong behind blue bars, of our t-shirt.

We have both the t-shirts and cups fabricated by TeeSprings who can make and ship to most parts of the world.

Thank you Peter who purchased our first T-shirt and without us begging him, no Peter you're not getting anything for it, BUT we have sold our first T-shirt, you can claim serial number 001.

Yes, for those that asked, we are starting a limited series as we get to each future major milestone, I see clouds ahead of us.

Aiden, our Web/Graphic legend, you have worked your magic again in creating something that people can wear with pride, because Batrium branding is awesome. Looking forward to your next big idea.


You can only get the shirt off my back (new of course) and not me...


For those needing a jolt of coffee in their favourite cup



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