WatchMon toolkit (Release 2.0.12)

Production (live) edition at WatchMonToolkitInstaller_2.0.12g.msi  

New Features

  • CellMon group "slave mode" functionality, presets, validation, and entire node range verse local range


    • store/recover cell metrics for Bypass SessionAh, Lifetime Ah, lifetime ElapsedHr and InitialBypassDate
    • add LeafMon to cellmon types and appropriate defaults
    • Node chart for cell voltage to rounded to 2 dec pt to avoid flicker, on telemetry reported to 3 dec pt
    • opstatus LED is cleared to amber prior to user restart and critical off event


    • canbus fix RX statistics
    • node statistics detect missing settings
    • detect changes to the Bypass Amps
    • correctly display Input6 status checkbox on hardware expansion board

    WatchMonPlus WM5 related

    • fix voltage cell filter for 5/6 and 10/11 to prevent flicker from bypass on the adjacent cell
    • update frequency of bypass temperature readings
    • Network Tester, LED Id, Device Sync and Bypass Tester are disabled
    • temporarily disabled balancing prior to user restart and critical off event
    • limited bypass amp to max setup

    Prior releases



    Previous release (software 2.0.11)

    How to install the WatchMon Toolkit software

    How to upgrade the Watchmon firmware

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