LeafMon 8W

LeafMon 8W

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Intelligent battery monitor systems used to maintain lithium batteries

  • Battery range 2.2V to 5.4V.
  • Bypass current 0.00A to 2.20A (typically 1.00A).
  • Over-temperature protection.
  • Over-voltage protection up to ±20V.
  • Noise immune opto-isolated.
  • Cell temperature and bypass load temperature measurements.
  • Live individual cell parameters and remote cell diagnostics.
  • Sealed in black thermally conductive epoxy (robust and safe).
  • Red and green LEDs for diagnostics and status.
  • All parameters fully remotely programmable and software is remote upgrade-able.

Includes cable, consider purchasing spare leafmon cables

Sample projects

LeafMon boards attached to cells all in series

LeafMon boards attached every second cells as are connected in pairs then in series


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