Watchmon Toolkit Updates

WatchMon toolkit (Release 1.0.20 - firmware 1.32)

Download the setup via WatchMonToolkitInstaller_1.0.20.msi.


New Features

  • Setup File Import, function to restore backup configuration files
  • History Extract, method to save to file the history session log info
  • Cloud IoT client, agent in Toolkit that sends telemetry to



  • Improved status icons that when clicked launch to relevant screens
  • On "NodeChart" include extra field options
  • New Tools menu to navigate to support functions
    • shortcuts to Firmware upgrade
    • shortcuts to Virtual serial driver install
    • software update
  • Refinements to client connection to simplify joining a WatchMon device



  • Prevent screen flicker when navigating between screens
  • Review and update device RTC device clock 


  • Ensure that charging thermal relief limits to within operating threshold
  • Monitor session bypass amp hours
  • Record daily initial bypass event time stamp



Previous release (software 1.0.19 - firmware 1.31)

Next release (software 1.0.21 - firmware 1.33)

How to install the WatchMon Toolkit software

How to upgrade the Watchmon firmware

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