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Watchmon Toolkit Updates

WatchMon toolkit (Release 1.0.22 - firmware 1.34)

Download the setup via WatchMonToolkitInstaller_1.0.22.msi.


New Features

  • Idle bypass functionality to automatically equalise if more that 0.01v different
  • Technician Authorisation mode optional to limit setup changes (last 15 mins)
  • Snapshot report to log live readings on daily, adhoc, bypass complete and critical events (to support dianostics rather than sending screen shots of software


  • For charging control include Bypass Session logic
  • Show user warnings when accessing technician setup screens
  • wifi functionality
    • join ap method
    • add disable mode to reduce power consumption
  • Expand remote status flags 1 & 2 for total of 8 bytes for charge/dischg
  • Control remote status activity monitoring
    • Display canbus rx/tx ticks 
    • dialog to diplay actual flags 1/2 in hex, float, etc..
  • Add theme / style customisation to Toolkit software


  • Bulk Import now includes Lifetime metrics
  • Solax inverter revisions to canbus messages
  • Brusa charger to adopt base addr from integration setup
  • SMA to adopt additional status flags
  • Shunt status to correctly handle Charge / Discharge and Idle
  • Shunt voltage presets for 3K & 4K external resistors for 600V & 750V


  • Cellmon "Bypass Amp" calculates for cellmon impedance and bypass voltage threshold
  • Bypass amp limit target adjusted based on CellMonType and power level
  • System LED indicator reflects current operating state



Previous release (software 1.0.21 - firmware 1.33)

Next release (software 1.23 - firmware 1.35)

How to install the WatchMon Toolkit software

How to upgrade the Watchmon firmware

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