How to connect the CellMon modules to the WatchMon4

Connecting the CellMon and CMU cable to WatchMon4
Connect the CMU cable (grey cable with blue heat-shrink) to the blue indication painted on the WatchMon4 cover as per photos below:
Why do I need the CMU cable?
This allows the WatchMon4 hardware to be installed at a higher and unobstructed position outside the battery box which improves the Wifi signal significantly. It also makes connecting the CellMons much easier and more intuitive using the existing connectors rather than having a risk of connecting something wrong and damage the WatchMon or CellMon hardware.


It is recommended to start with the most negative battery (cell #1) connected to 4 pin connector of the CMU connect (small black box highlighted on the photo below) and work up the chain to the most positive finishing the chain on the 2 pin connector back into the CMU connect box.
CAUTION: whilst preparing the cables for insertion into the WatchMon terminals ensure that both the 2 pin and 4 pin connector are not connected to the CellMon until after you have prepared the cables. 

CAUTION: whilst initially setting up the cell monitors make sure to only have the USB plugged in and then attempt to connect the cellmon wires. We recommend that you disconnect the Watchmon power supply (pin 1..2) and all other cabling until you have successfully connected the cellmon network. Ensure that the software network testing utility has confirmed that the communication link is working properly.

CellMon daisy chain connection closer look:
Different types of CellMons:

Do you require longer cables?

The CMU cable (grey cable with the blue heat-shrink) can be extended if required. Make sure you use a dual-twisted-pair cable keeping one twisted pair for "Green/White" and another twisted pair for "Red/Black". Shielded cable if possible. Try to keep no longer than 4 metres.
*Note the white wire isn't very obvious in this photo as it blends with the white background

CellMon cables can be extended up to 4 metres, the cable needs to be twisted pair.